UT Southwestern Medical Center – Horrible Doctors and Nurses

recently had a surgery at UT Southwestern Medical Center on my leg by Dr. Michael Khazzam. It was clearly noted that I was allergic to a certain kind of adhesive and medications.After the surgery, I woke up and my leg was red and puffy. I would have just brushed it because I thought it was just from my leg having been but open, but it was also really itchy.I advised my nurse, but she was submissive. She said it was just part of the healing process.The next day I could not feel my leg. It was so swollen I was uncomfortable. I advised the nurse again. She checked my wound and asked me about my allergies. I told her about the adhesive I was allergic to. She dumbfoundedly said, well that’s the problem! I had to have my entire leg rewrapped, and they had to change the medication that they were going to give me because they realized that I was allergic to something in that as well!I am lucky I was not yet prescribed that and released or I could have died!This institution is clearly careless. Their lack of attention to detail is dangerous!

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