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Complaint: I signed up with this company in November and invested several hundred pounds into one of their packages which seem to work absolutely fine to begin with. Around the beginning of February after not using my account for awhile and just leaving it to collect the 1% a day interest I tried to log in and was unable to. I’ve since found out through a bit of research that USI have changed lots of passwords without the permission of the account owner for some reason forcing me to the end of the forgot password on my own accounts and hence logging in to find that the details of the people that I signed up are still there and still active. I still have there own brand of tokens which I earned from making the deposits but funnily enough have no records of anything ever having been deposited or ever having been withdrawn which of course seems very odd being that I have earned the tokens for having done so. I would urge anybody thinking of using this company not bother and the simply Go and take your family out for a nice meal instead I was your money would be far better spent. This company are complete bunch of crooks and the cheek of it they are even threatening to Sue people for writing bad reviews on them. Everybody needs to know that this company are a bunch of scammers and basically a Ponzi scheme masquerading as multi-level marketing and you will not be able to safely place your money with them as they are crooked.

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