USAir Cornelius Oregon Review


Stay away from USAir! Customer service is ignorant and incompetent. Customer relations are worthless. I’m a Silver Preferred member and will never fly USAir again. nMy wife needed four segments to maintain her Silver Preferred Trial. Customer service recommended and booked us a flight from PHX-SFO-LAS-SFO-PHX in a 10 hour period to get her the segments she needed. We ONLY needed the segments. We took the flight and never left an airport! nTwo of the segments were on United flights so I called two additional times total of three calls) just to make sure the United segments would qualify. Each time I was told that it would qualify and accomplish what we needed. n We spent $600 and a whole night flying nowhere to keep her status. Now they say those segments don’t qualify and she lost her status. They lied to us three times, took our money and took her status. nAttempts to contact them by email (the only way possible) results in form letter denials. Customer relations won’t respond. No one is accountable for the erroneous actions of the customer service reps. n I have never been treated this badly by a company. The worst part is that I’m one of their good customers. Is it so hard to be accountable to your customers? Why not just do what you say you will? I provide search engine optimization services to over 300 businesses nationwide. That’s my business. Maybe they don’t understand that SEO works both ways. So it begins! Stay away from USAir!

4000 E. Sky Harbor Blvd. Internet United States of America

(800) 428-4322


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By Ronald

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