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USA Advantage currently sells US properties in depress area, e.g. Detroit, Chicago, etc. I bought properties from them through looking at their brochures and so call inspection reports prepared by themselves. They keep on pushing me to close the transactions and provide me with inspection reports telling me remodelling is done. I personally went to Detroit before closing and reveal that: 1) one house is totally broken in a street full of empty houses which is not possible to rent out 2) the other house is not in good area as well and remodelling is not yet commence I check from the internet and found that the pictures from the inspection report they provided were just copy from zillow which posted many years ago. They are a group of liars comprising: 1) sales person including Lauren Warlow and Gareth Street who provide excellent services before closing the transaction but disappear after that 2) developers in detroit who did bundle purchases from banks including properties cost just a few thousands in very bad area and in very bad condition 3) USA advantage or New Orbit Funding who purchase those properties from developers and sell the properties to Asia or other countries providing brochures with unrealistic returns of 20%+ In their closing document, they include a statement stating buyer know and agree that city inspection is officially required but they will not provide it before closing, and the sales ladies will tell you city inspection is not required actually and push you to sign the closing document. If city inspeciton is done, buyer will not be cheated. Please buy properties from them if you want to lose your money, otherwise please walk away.

Cheyenne Detroit, Michigan USA

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