I was cold contacted by a person whose email address was personal and not company provided. Claimed to be named Latoya. Said she was recruiting for a quality control firm that worked with Amazon. Listed all sorts of perks ( ie: work from home, make lots of money, all benefits included). They just needed someone to receive packages, verify contents, then ship out to proper address once verified. Honestly, I am not sure what sort of anuerism I was having that day, but I sent a resume. Afterwards, I was contacted via email by "Rose Grace" ([email protected]). That is where it clicked… Why did a company that was big enough to work with Amazon quality control use a free internet provider? I tried searching USA premium logistics in google, and when nothing came up, I searched it here. BINGO. Found two other reported scams just like this. Probably stolen property, but rerouted to come from YOUR address. No thanks. This is a SCAM!!!

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By Ronald

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