US Student Loan Center Review


Us student loan center representative called me up and told me that they could help me lower my student loan payments, because they saw my deferment was expiring. I was asked a serious of questions about my income household ETC. The representative then instructed me that I will have to pay a service fee to them for gather and processing my paperwork and send it to the us Department of Education . I asked how long it will take the representative said 4 to 6 weeks. I received a bill from Dept of Education saying my first payment is due 1 month later I called US Student loan Center and a representative looked up my information and informed me that my paper was sent over just ignore the bill for now once Dept of Education process my paper work they will update my payments accordingly. Needless to say it’s 4 months later and I’m delinquent on my student loan payments, I received a bill for $700 and I called the Dept of Education and a representative helped me and informed me that they have not received anything from US student loan center on my behave, and she also assist me with getting a lower monthly payment free of charge without paper work . These scam artist businesses need to be stopped.

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