US Standard Products – Takes your money without permission

It all started out with a call from an unknown number who happened to be a representative of US Standards Products. They started the call by introducing themselves as the cheapest and best company to order from and told me that I had a free t-shirt that they wanted to deliver to my doorstep. When I showed a little interest, they shifted the conversation from the free t-shirt to several other items that they wanted to ship to my place.They did not mention any costs that I would have to pay, but somehow had all of my information. He said that the items that he had mentioned, best suited my interests. | I told him that I was only interested in one item that he mentioned which were Grainger sunglasses. I usually order them in bulk for my workers. He told me that he would send me a case that contained 24 pairs. Since they were free I agreed.I got the glasses in two days, and not one box, but two. There was an invoice delivered with them for $717.60. | To top it off, the glasses were cheaply made and a lot of them were cracked or the lenses were popped out.I contacted someone immediately, but I had to leave a voicemail.The next day, I got another package with a bill for $1,000. There is no way that I am paying for the junk that they sent me. I do not even know how they got my billing information. | Don’t fall for the free t-shirt call!!!

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