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Complaint: I receive death benefits on my daughteru2019s behalf for my deceased husband. Upon checking my card this morning, I discovered that all of the money on the card had been stolen, in the form of 3 purchases to u201cNordstrom #0774, in Aventura Florida. My card is still in my possession, no one has my PIN or access to my card. I called US Direct Express to report this theft. After being disconnected several times, I was finally able to connect to a customer service representative who canceled my card and issued me a new one, which will be mailed to my home address. I was then transferred to another department. I spoke with a customer service representative named Alisha who proceeded to tell me they would mail me some forms and I would need to fill them out and send them back, she stated it would take up to 90 business days for them to complete their investigation and decide if they were going to return the stolen funds. I tried to clarify the timeline, but she put me through to a recording that gave me an address to send the paperwork to and then the call ended. I called back and was told that it would take at least 90 business days to investigate the theft. How is this posssible? I am a victim of theft and depend on this money to live and support my children. Has anyone been successful in getting their money back within a timely manner? Please help!

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Address: po Box 248998 San Antonio, Texas United States


Phone: 1-888-741-1115

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