Urban Florists Winnpeg Manitoba Review


I thought I’d had to deal with some pretty crappy companies before by Urban Florists definitely takes the cake. To get a fuller appreciation of the frustration this company obviously relishes in dealing with its customers, please read: nTHE TOP 12 REASONS TO USE AVOID THIS “FLORIST””nNames have been shortened to protect the guilty nEven after enduring the olympian effort in getting my money back

I have attempted to maintain a sense of humour. I trust all participants in this gargantuan struggle

will enjoy seeing their initials in print

and just maybe the owner of this company will sense that maybe he has a problem with Customer Service. It took 2 days for the billing of this attempted order to show up on my Mastercard

but it took nearly 2 months to get a refund. I sense this is because we decided not to place the order by phone because there was an attempt to scam us on the delivery charges….twice that what was posted on this website. Because we used the website instead

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By Ronald

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