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Contacted online while applying for loans and I was contacted by Upstart Loans and assured that I would get a loan. I would have to pay $110 for insurance and I called them back and gave card number. Then they called back to validate payment and said I should expect money 10-15 minutes later. Nothing came. They said my name was on blacklist and I would have to pay $200 to remove me from this list. Gave another card number for this amount. Said bank was not accepting wire transfer of $280. Then they called back and said money would be on the card in 20 minutes. Nothing came. This time they said they needed $280 but I could not pay it. I said I think this is scam and they transferred me around; I Spoke to Paul and then Daniel Carmen (director) and also Sid Goozman and Amanda. Next day Amanda said she was going to bank to see what they could do. Then she called me next day later and said I would have to pay for additional documentation but I could not find the money to borrow because by this time I had given them $1700. She said she would refund everything I had paid them and more for the trouble I went through. Now when I call the phone line is always busy, any time of the day or night. They said to call them back if I ever got the rest of the money around and they would send my $1000 loan from them.

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By Ronald

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