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I placed an order on Dec 23, 2017, and it was never received. It was supposed to be for $15.99 USD, paid by debit/credit card. The order was for one "Antique Vintage Style Metronome Music Timer For seth thomas Classical 3 Colors Colour – Madeira Red".I gave my email address, but I received no order confirmation. I only received a "Transaction Success" email from [email protected], stating that the amount charged would be a bit difference due to the foreign exchange rate. On Dec 25, the charge appeared in my account as "SZLIFENY TRADE SHENZHENSHI CN" for $21.97, which is an unacceptable mark-up for foreign exchange rate.I submitted a message about it on their Customer Care page around Jan 12, 2018, and heard no reply. I submitted a second message to them Jan 26, 2018, saying that, if I didn’t hear some explanation and outlook within 24 hours, I’d assume they are a scam organization, and report them as such. As of Feb 5, 2018, there is still no answer from them.I found this information about the website ownership:checkphish.ai/domain/under-spot.topMaking a Google Search for the owner using all these words: "89 S Plaza Way" "Cape Girardeau" "Brant Wright"included this ScamAdvisor listing for another doubtful an invalid phone number, and an email address that is related to 111 sites, and includes "This website may be related to a number of high risk sites"

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