Unlimited Mission Honduran Children’s Fund Phila Pennsylvania


Complaint: They posted an ad for reliable cleaners on craigslist in the philadelphia area. She claimed to pay $550/week. They tell you theu are paying you 2 weeks in advance. They ask you for your name address and phone number. They will send you a check thru fedex for $2,500. They tell you that they sent extra money for you to get supplies and then ask you to pay for the keys to be sent to you from a person in california. The check will say its from the Unlimited Mission Honduran Children’s Fund. This is not a real company/organization!! The checks are conterfiet! The name that came up on the email address window was Celestina Daniel and the email address is [email protected]. I repeatedly asked for documentatoin or paperwork proving the company exsisted and recieved no answer. She then contacted me by phone and when i explained to her that the checks were conterfiet and that i almost was arrested for trying to cash it she then threaten to call the police on me! I also googled the organization and some body else posted that this was a scam as well. I even received a 2nd check from a different name and location with the same exact watermarks on them. Another sign that it was fake. I also tried to contact the bank from which the bank was issued and they stated that they are aware of this issue snd are trying to handel it. The bank also stated that I was not the first person to complain about this issue with fake checks.

Tags: Employers

Address: Internet United States of America

Website: philadelphia.craigslist.org/dmg/2202614634.html


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