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Complaint: Dr. Stellato expects that patients will schedule surgeries with him with no discussion, no explanation, no way to directly speak with him for questions (that come up when you leave the room & there’s no phone number to call to discuss), no paperwork from his secretary Carol to confirm the appointment, surgery, directions or instructions, ie to show up 30 minutes in advance to sign the consents & show the insurances. No one, be they physician, or regular patient, can work things that roundabout screwy way. And a physician can’t make up for Carol’s nonchalance & lack of any help – and women physicians shouldn’t be the secretaries for Dr. Stellato & Carol. There’s more respect due than that – especially in 2013. You can’t come up with a consent form for Dr. Stellato, or call the Wright Surgery Center for information that it was Carol’s responsibility to give to patients. Then when you call & cancel into a message machine – because you can’t show at a procedure that you have no paperwork, or written confirmation of in this day of security people – Carol pretends that she never got the message – and you call several times trying to reach her directly. Carol never answers directly- or didn’t until recently. When you try to confront Dr. Stellato about this – he swears that you ‘stood him up’ for the appointment you had no paperwork for – a procedure that no consent was ever signed for. Dr. Stellato hasn’t a clue about the things that Carol doesn’t do, or refuses to do, or screws up – she can lie and it will always be Carol telling the truth. And this was a procedure that the patient had no pre-op instructions for, ie shower with Betadine, no food from the night before, etc. Dr. Stellato’s consent need to be signed before 30 minutes before the procedure – because a patient only knows what is really planned from that consent form. Physicians, including Dr. Stellato, talk a blue streak about what the surgery/procedure will involve, but only what is put to paper is the ‘real deal.’ And you have to be able to say: no residents, no interns, and no medical students before the day of the procedure – because that is a disaster in an era where no one follows the surgery except maybe the surgeon of record. If someone wants to be in on the procedure, they need to be in on the workup, the exam, the signing of the consent, and the follow-up; not a one-day wonder with a scalpel in their back pocket. Then if you say anything on a blog, or Ripoff, Dr. Stellato will only speak with you to discuss if you get Ripoff to remove the information – and that won’t work because once you remove things – Dr. Stellato still won’t discuss. There’s no surety that Dr. Stellato will ever discuss – and this has been a life problem for him – that he doesn’t discuss. As Dr. Stellato is the Medical Director for University Suburban Health Center, the rest of the physicians have little example, or incentive, to do a better job of it. Dr. Stellato needs to discuss, and stop believing that Carol is Miss Perfect – she makes mistakes like everyone else and it is not the patient’s problem to be blamed for this.

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