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I was a student a UOR fro 30 hours making a 4.0 on full finanacial aide. I am also disabled. I had to drop a class due to illness, I checked with the professor and finanacial aide before I dropped to make sure it would be okay for me to drop and they said that I would lose 2000 of my stipend the next reembursement of funds for the dropped class. I agreed. The next class came up, I was ready to start the day before and they emailed and said I could not sart til I paid the 2000. I told them I couldn’t I was on disability and financial aide and that I would pay out of the stipend and they dibursed the checks so they would be sure to get their money. They refused I asked for moderator, they “moderated” without me, or any body representing me and said no. They truned it to collections. it has gone up to 2400. I cannot go to school and finish because of this and they have a hold on my transcript. If they would just let me start class I could pay them, but they won’t and Idid what THey told me to yet it is my fault? It is ruingin my life and wasting 6 years of hard work. I don’t know what to doe and noe one will help me. I have no money and eveytime I call there is a whole new staff so nobdy know what I am talking about. .

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