Universal Action Travel St Pete Florida Review


This company are such scam artists not only to they lie cheat and steal they even tried to manipulate the government that regulates their service they had the nerve to lie on their application to become a seller of travel…. Now why if youa re a reputable company would you lie on an application?? I’ll tell you why… They are a farce, They intend to imitate a real travel agency , However thye do not provide the consumers with the full services of a travel agency. Good thing they got busted, Now the good people of Northa Dakota are getting all the thousands of dollars back that this company stole. See the article below If you have purchased a so called “Travel Package”” from this comapny I suggest you cancel immediately and call your card company. They are trying to immitate other Reputtable companies by using a similar name. But they are far from Originals. nDepartment Press Release n08-31-2007nMajor Bob Johnson

n(850) [email protected] McElroyn(850) [email protected] Announces Filing Of Charges Against Travel AgentnTALLAHASSEE Florida Agriculture and Consumer Services Commissioner Charles H. Bronson announced today that a criminal charge has been lodged against a Tampa woman for falsifying her application to sell travel in Florida.Charged with making a false statement on a state application – a first-degree misdemeanor – was Patricia Holguin


the owner of Universal Action Travel

7211 N. Dale Mabry Highway in Tampa. She was issued a notice to appear in court by Bronsons Office of Agricultural Law Enforcement following an investigation by the departments Consumer Services Division.According to authorities

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