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I purchased a dining room table from Miskelly’s Furniture and I discovered in June some check marks on my table made by a relative. Instead of them telling me, they just pulled the place mat over it to cover it up. I take great care in caring for this table. I used the products that was provided to me to clean it (and was recently informed that those products caused some other scratches on the table). The marks that I discovered was accidentally done by a family member (not normal wear as my denial letter stated). Within 15 days of noticing the damage I contacted the warranty department. Information was taken over the phone and I was given a claim number. I reported the damage within 15 days of discovering it. Someone was sent out to look at the table. The gentleman came on a Sunday and was told he would just recommend replacement. He stated I would get a call on Monday just to confirm that he came by to review the damage (never received that call). I then received a denial letter in the mail that was dated for July 14, 2014 but I just pulled it out the box on today July 26, 2014 (I do check my mail every day). Guess that’s why it’s called snail mail. The letter states that “Upon inspection of the reported damages it was observed that the cause cannot be attributed on any single occurrence or accident and that the damages are the result of normal wear from consumer usage””. A scratch here or there is normal wear from consumer usage not damage that was done accidental. I was also told that the damage done was from natural progression of usage. The damage done to my table was not natural progression. So basically the warranty is crap. I will be reaching out to the store where I purchased the table. I can dispute the letter within 30 days

but now I have more like 18 days considering it took 12 days for the letter to arrive. Along with the dispute I have to attach 5 photos in good lighting and at different angles. This warranty is pure crap. Of course the salesman will tell you it covers everything. But I never take their word for it and I read it for myself. I will be responding to the denial letter but I’m also reaching out to the Better Business Bureau. I just refuse to accept this as normal wear when it’s not.”

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