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I missed a call and received a voicemail message from someone named Sandra, who claimed she was from United Process Services and that a court order was being filed against me to suspend all activity on my name and SSN. Of course I called back. When I called, I was transferred to claims and litigations and I spoke to someone named Jeanette. Jeanette stated that I owed $5,590 in charges on a Providian Credit Card account from 2005, which is now owned by Chase. I explained that I received a threatening letter about this same thing a year or so ago and I told them them then that I never had a credit card with Providian Bank. She then became really rude saying that because there were payments made on the account back then, they knew it was not fraudulent. I said that payments made didn’t make the account belong to me. I also stated that I contacted Chase when I received the initial letter a year ago and they confirmed that the account number I gave them was invalid and that they had nothing in my name in their system. She then started yelling at me about what all they would do to me and to ruin my credit. I told them to take me to court or do whatever they needed to do. She then put me on hold and shortly after, the call disconnected. It bothers me to no end, that people use so much energy to scam people instead of getting decent, honest jobs.

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By Ronald

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