Unkle Ted of United House Music runs a very sketchy buisness. I orderd several titles advertised as in stock and not a single item was available or orderable from his distributor. nI only found this out after several E-mails over the course of several months trying to find out about my delayed order.. The order at most should have taken only two weeks as stated on his site. nThe phone number I dialed was heavily screened when I called and I was told no such person worked or lived there. However, when Ted called me back a few days later after I mailed him threatning letters it was from the number I had origionally called. nHe then tried to sell me records of his personal collection to make up for the trouble and agreed to credit my card for the rest of the difference. nIt has now been six months and he has not done so. I have repeatedy tried to contact him and he will not respond.

306 audubon suite C Tampa, Florida U.S.A.


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By Ronald

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