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I purchased an Marantz PM6004 off of an Audiomart advertisement. I paid using Western Union money transfer. The next day an I received an email stating that they shipped 2 more amplifiers over the order one and I need to pay $900 extra for them to release the shipment. They put it on hold. FedEx customer service told me that they had no shipment coming to my address. There were about 50 to 100 emails back and forward but the both line was that they wanted another personal money transfer. I was willing to use PayPal or direct billing via Credit card b/c of the built in disputed payment functions. They were strong arming me with the money transfer and would not accept an other way to resolve this issue, that they created. I have not made the money transfer and have not received the goods or a refund. I am not sure if this was an up sale or a full scam but please be warned.

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