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It was a Nightmare!!!!. I responded to an ad on Craigslist for a used Volvo s60 by a guy named Mark who told me he was the business owner. The situation was rather more like a horror movie, it could have cost me my life. when I first spoke to him over the phone he told me that it was his wife s car and she had just bought a new one so they were looking to sell it. the car was in Adrian which is over an hour from my house, normally I would have never driven that far but Mark being a business owner assured me that it was in perfect working condition. He also told me that he was unable to meet me anywhere to look at the car because they transferred the plate to a new vehicle. I had brought one of my auto guru girlfriends because i know nothing about cars. She pointed out the michigan plate on the back of the vehicle which made me suspicious. However, being too excited we started it up and asked to test drive. Mark told me I couldnt drive the car, only ride as a passenger. What?? I still got into the passenger side, my girlfriend was completely freaked out and almost wouldnt get in. As she started to climb in to the back, mark hits the gas and she was almost completely knocked to the pavement by the car. I was startled but thought it was unintentional. What really scared me was the way he screamed at her to get in the car after. I didnt know if he just had a strong personality and was joking around or what. He immediately turns the radio up really loud and drove off. Blasted full heat and was yelling while trying to point out features of the car. It accelerated fine 1st , then immediately started to shake w an obvious knocking sound coming from under the car. He pulled into the next street on the right and busted a u-turn. My girlfridnd told him to turn the radio off so she could hear the car. He did it for a split second and then turned it up even louder. The car started to shake again and she asked him why it was shaking. He told us it was from the oil on the road. He pulled back into the nursery and parked. We opened the hood, which displayed the obvious oil leaks. When asked, he told us his mechanics who have always done the routine maintenance, just changed the oil and they had spilled it. When we checked the dipstick, the hole was blowing a ridiculous amount of smoke. When we looked under the car there were parts that were supposed to be mounted that were just hanging down. My girlfriend told him we had to talk about it and we walked away. I however, making emotional excuses for this piece of s*** car thought that maybe we could talk him down and do the repairs ourselves. After knocking some sense into me, Mark walked over to the car and asked what we decided. I told him it was really sketchy that he wouldnt let us drive the car, so he said fine but dont turn on the drivers seat warmer because the fuse was busted. I let my girlfridnd take the wheel and she floored it. The car shook so bad and the knocking was so loud, I was in shock. This wasnt a shake that driveable cars experience. It was a shake like the car might collapse. My girlfriend cut the wheel hard to both the right and left and when she tried to turn the car, the car wouldnt turn correctly but tried to continue to go straight. We only went to the first light before turning around because we didnt think the car would make it. We put the hazard lights on and we rolled back into the nursery. We bolted to our car and told mark that we appreciated the test drive and said we didnt know what was wrong with it but it was not drivable. Hs tried to play dumb and got in the car and pulled out. Being behind him, wd knew he wouldnt make it very far so we sat in thd driveway and watched. He looped around immediately and pulled back in. As he pulled in I saw the drivers side tire do something ive never seen before. It rolled and wobbled like it would just roll off the car. We just took off. I got a text from him 2 min later saying it was a loose wheel bearing.

4373 n adrian hwy m-52 adrian, Michigan USA




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