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Placed an order for brand of deordorant I like that is not in store locally. Previous ordre for same product that is sold individually for about 2.10 at store and online at other retailers for about 2.50/individual items and in bundles of 6 as send from manufacturer for about 15-20.00 us dollars for the 6 pack. I ordered 7 6 packs for 14.58 which is what seemed to be a good price for that. Wrong. These so called business people that advertise 23% savings vs. the 18.95 retail price. In essence this company wants you to pay 14.58 for a 2.50 stick of deoderant. I called and spoke to what was told to me a supervisor by the name of Heather and in trying to speak with her she thinks she is some type of tyrant or dictator that if she is not speaking no one elses words matter. I asked for the president of the company name and email address, then she went into Dingy, I can’t hear because I have a bananna in my ear mode, and tries to give me the name of a supposed supervisor Ellis(or Ellie) Fisher whom was told to me by Anastasia that all management are in religious service. I once again asked very slowly and clearly for the President of the company’s name and email address. Her response you don’t have to talk to me like that I didn’t hear you. Now you are the damsel in distress playing sensitive. You didn’t hear me because you were not listening and did not want to hear me. Part of being an a*****e instead of trying to bring resolution to the problem. You offer to refund me the price of unit but shipping cost I have to pay. The shipping costs are the cost of the items you sent with a 50 to 85 cent markup vs what other retailers are charging. I wonder why you would do this. Hmm, if you are charging 600% markup on items that your buddy in crime Wal-Mart is suggesting that you order from because they don’t have it in stores and have farmed it out to you this company then that explains it. You take the referrals from the retailer that is largest then rip off their customer with deception. Arrid U-BB-1288 Extra Extra Dry Cool Shower Solid Anti-Perspirant & Deodorant – 2.7 oz – Deodorant Stick Item # PWW14708 Retail Price: $18.95 Sale Price: $14.58 You Save: $4.37 (23%) Qty: Estimated Shipping Cost: $8.95 Add item to cart to check stock levels.

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