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I was initially contacted by email: Tonya Roy via: [email protected]-UW Company is one of the well-established virtual firms in the world. We have over 2,000 employees in over 25 countries. All our employees work remotely. We establish supply chain for our clients in North America and Europe. UW Company is looking to recruit a diligent and hardworking Logistics QA Manager. Work hours are flexible. Assignments are interesting and challenging.ABOUT THIS ROLERole OverviewPosition: Logistics QA ManagerJob Location: remote, from homeJob Type: Full-Time, Flexible hoursStatus: ExemptSummary of the PositionThe Logistics QA Manager is responsible for the daily tasks on hisher own; this may include Quality Control, Warehouse/Manufacturing, Shipping and Receiving and Driving. The primary goal of this position is to help the firm in obtaining its goals and objectives by operating in a quick and effective manner that leads to higher profits.General PerksCompetitive compensation plan (salary + performance-oriented bonuses)Health Benefits: medical, dental, vision, short term and long term disability401-k with company matchPaid time offEven Possibilities EmployerIt is our task to employ qualified persons despite of race, creed, color, national origin, nationality, ancestry, age, sex, marital or domestic partnership status, sexual orientation or disability. Individuals are considered for employment, promotion, or training solely on their ability to fulfill the necessary responsibilities of the position.If this role sounds like you, do not hesitate to apply. For this, please respond to this email with your phone number:- Your contact numberand our HR manager will be happy to contact you.My reply:This is definitely an intriguing prospect for me. The job description seems to fit well with my skills and I would love to hear more about the Logistics QA Manager position.My contact # is ###-###-####I look forward to hearing from your HR ManagerI then received a text from: 669-220-7731-Greetings Melissa Pearson, you are chosen for the position, look through the details on sw-sv.comThe link sent me to the following website: hiring-us.com/-ONLINE RECRUITING PROCESS1. General outlineDear Applicant,We would like to congratulate you on your acceptance for the Logistics Supervisor position with US Co! Your resume was found by a Recruitment Officer and approved by our HR department.Advantages of this job offer: you will be working remotely from home either full-time or part-time at at your convenience, with a flexible work schedule. We are constantly expanding our business, so you will always have a chance to get promoted and become a Superior Manager in your area.US Co is one of the United States’ leading third party logistics providers with franchises in different countries of the world.More About UsDocuments:Certificate of OrganizationCP 575 NoticeClick “NEXT STEP” to find out about the benefits , salary and position.NEXT STEPNOT INTERESTED2. About the position3. Online application form4. Getting startedUS© 2017 All Rights ReservedUS Co,800 SE Battery Ave SE, #15 Atlanta, GA 30339, United StatesEmail: [email protected]I reviewed the document linked in the above site:Certificate of Organization (jpg-1)CP 575 Notice (jpg-2, jpg-3)I then clicked Next Step. The next window:-Duties and responsibilities:To organize your working schedule in the way that you or your family members can pick up packages when they are delivered, or to be able to collect packages at a local Post Office;to futher receive, process and ensure the quality control and shipment of merchandises to our customers using our prepaid shipping labels;To access your Control Panel on a daily basis and keep it updated with a relevant record of all the information about the processed packages;  To keep in touch with the company’s representatives during working hours (as stated in the contract); Benefits (kick in on the completion of the probationary period, i.e. 31 days):The Employee will be entitled to 28 days of paid vacation each year;Statutory and public holidays; maternity/paternity leave; sickness allowance;Health, dental and vision coverage on the company;Salary:Training period compensation is $2650 (to be paid after 31 days), flat compensation rate (after the training period) is $3300 (divided into 2 biweekly payments). Additionally, you will receive a 25 of USD for every package sent within 12 hours of its delivery or issuance of a prepaid shipping label;Payment method is either PayPal or direct deposit or paper check;No personal expenses involved, all expenditures will be covered by the company;Have you understood your main duties and responsibilities as a Logistics Supervisor? Yes, I have  No, read morePlease, click “NEXT STEP” to fill in an online application form.Go Back  NEXT STEPI then clicked Next Step( hiring-us.com/ ):-3. Online application formAnswer the following questions. Please, be attentive while filling in the application, for incorrect information may cause delays in the employment process: * Please, doublecheck your address for its accuracy and make sure you mentioned the apartment number (if any). This address will be used during your employment for packages and  employment paperwork receipt, so it is highly important to be certain there are no mistakes.Name:Cell phone number:Email address(es):Your present residential address:Street address and apt/unit:City:State:ZIP-code:Once you submit your application, the HR manager will prepare the digital Employment agreement for you which you are to review attentively before signing. In case you have any questions after reading the Employment agreement, please feel free to contact our HR manager via on-line chat or you will be given the contact information for you to get in touch with the HR manager at your convenience.Please, click “NEXT STEP” to submit your application and get started!Go Back  NEXT STEPI provided the above requested information & the following window opened (applicationss.com/usa/ ):-ONLINE RECRUITING PROCESS1. General outline2. About the position3. Online application form4. Getting startedYou have successfully completed your application. We are now happy to provide you with a copy of Working Agreement / Employment Contract. Kindly review conditions, duties and commitments listed in the document.1. The employment contract signing procedure:Please click HERE to open the Employment Contract. First and foremost, please, take time to look through the terms and conditions attentively since once you click on the SIGN button at the bottom of the contract, it will become a legally binding employment agreement.Moreover, you can look through the list of the FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS (FAQ) at the beginning of the contract to find out more about the company and this position. Next to it, there is also a link to the company’s website for you to learn more about us.2. Verification of identity & place of residence.Once you signed the digital agreement, you are requested to submit a PROOF OF YOUR IDENTITY (e.g. drivers license, passport or state ID card) and confirm your residential ADDRESS.3. Training period:Once the contract is signed and your identity and place of residence are verified, your Supervisor will appoint you on-line trainings. The trainings with your supervisor will last for a couple of days, during the trainings you will receive all the necessary instructions for you to get started and also a chance to process test packages and thus to learn your duties in more details.  UN© 2017 All Rights ReservedUN Co,01 Marietta St NW, Atlanta, GA 30303 (Suite 30), United StatesEmail: [email protected]I clicked on the various links provided above:un-solutions.com/http://usa-online-agreement.com/contract/(FirstName_LastName)%20.php [-info in parentheses has been omitted & replaced with description of personal information & parentheses themselves.]http://usa-online-agreement.com/contract.php?uid=1116311I proceeded no farther with the process.

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