Ultra Trail Next Route Review


I ordered two pairs of Salomon Speedcross 4 Climashield from Ultra Trail Next Route. The original site said something about "The Secret Picks" and seemed to be a clearinghouse for products on sale due to closeout. The shoes I received were not the model or color I ordered, and on closer inspection I have several reasons to believe they are not even genuine Salomon shoes. The construction is shoddy compared to the other seven (yes, 7) pairs I have owned in the last 4 years. I run hundreds of miles a year in these shoes, and I know them very well. The differences include, but may not be limited to: Incorrect placement of logo and other identifying materials compared to other known Salomon shoes; narrower and thicker sole material; different pattern and density of lugs on the shoe sole; poor sewing and bonding of sole to upper; different insoles that are two pieces poorly bonded together; lower quality laces; and no "CS" label for purportedly climashield fabric (Salomon’s proprietary semi-waterproof material). The shoes arrived in plastic bubble wrap inside a larger plastic envelope, not in boxes as shoes are usually shipped. And they took three weeks to arrive – apparently from China, not as I expected.

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By Ronald

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