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I was recent contacted via phone offering two FREE airline tickets for attending a presentation at a hotel near the Mall of America in Bloomington MN. The person on the phone even identified themselves as American Airlines. After attending the presentation it turned out it wasn’t American Airlines nor were these tickets FREE. In order to even activate the certificates you needed to pay $100 per ticket! If this was the worst of it I wouldn’t have even bothered to post on here……. I decided that what this company, Ultimate Consultants Travel, was offering was a good deal. It was a membership in a wholesale travel company whereby you would get very, very low rates on hotels, vacations ect. It was a very high pressure sale presentation. They assigned us a “sales person”” and kept us in this small conference room with loud beach music so that we couldn’t hear what the other people and thier sales people were talking about. After much hesitation we decided to give it a try because there is a 10 day right to cancel in the contract. They rushed us through the sign up and didn’t go over any of the material. They said they would be around to service the contract because they were opening up a store at the Mall of America (I later found out this is NOT true). They said they were only in the hotel conference room until thier space opend up at the mall. When I got home I started doing a bit of research. This company

Ultimate Consultants Travel is a 3rd party selling these club membershipes for a company out of Valancia CA called Travel Services LLC. Tons of very negative reviews about being mislead and scammed. When looking through the material I realized that we had 10 days to cancel BUT we weren’t given a user name and password to access the discount travel website for 14 days! It would be too late to cancel at that point! I contact the owners of Ultimate Consultants Travel

Melaine and Brian Danz. I asked for pricing on a hotel in SD for a business trip my husband needed to take. I felt this would be a way for me to validate whether this was a real service or a scam. They offered us a great price so I gave them my credit card and asked them to book it for my husband. When he checked out 2 days later the price were supposed to have been quoted and PAID for was $134.01. The hotel said they had no record of this and the room had not been paid for and there was no special rate. He then had to pay directly to the hotel a bill of $255!! I contact Melaine and Brian Danz and told them what happened and that I was not intereted in being a member for this club. I was mislead from the word go! From the “”free”” airline tickets to the inability to prove service was real to the botched hotel reservation at wholesale pricing. Even after I cancelled within my window of 10 days

this company and thier affiliate Travel Services LLC charged my credit card! I have been fighting with them ever since!!!! IF YOU LIVE IN THE MINNEAPOLIS MN AREA AND ARE ASKED TO ATTEND A PRESENTATION BY ULTIMATE CONSULTANTS TRAVEL OR TRAVEL SERVICES…..RUN!!!!! It is a scam and these people lie and take your money~! PS. I understand they are operating at other locations around the US through different travel agencies selling wholesale memberships to Travel Services LLC. They will tell you they are out of Las Vegas and have an A+ rating on the BBB when in fact they operate out of Valancia CA and use the shell company in Vegas to keep thier noses clean.”

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