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Complaint: Planning to move a family of 6 with a handicapped child to Florida. Tried to schedule a truck a month in advance and was told to wait 1 week before the desired date to reserve. Made the reservation and was told that I would get a phone call 24 hours in advance of the departure date on where to pick up the vehicle. My 24 hour notice call was a reference to the fact that they did not have a truck available and were not sure when one would be available. We are now three days past the due date and have been told several times they have no idea when a truck will be available. All the other truck rentals in the area are now booked (probably other misguided Uhaul detainees)and not sure what I will do. How is it that a company with a computer system and probably thousands of trucks on the road has no idea where there trucks are or when they will be returned? When you try to complain to a higher authority your told to call 1-800-go uhaul. That only made me more irrate. When asked to speak to a manager I was told they were managers. This is a total run around and I’m sure if the CEO of Uhaul had to rent a vehicle with his own company he might feel my pain. Well I hope at least one person reads this and decides to change the Uhaul reservation to another company to keep from being ripped off. Steve leominster, MassachusettsU.S.A.

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