UggBoutique Hattiesburg Mississippi Review


The online company UggBoutique ( sells fake Ugg boots while leading the customer to believe that they are receiving the classic, well-known Ugg Australia brand boots. The boots are priced at $110, around $50 less than the genuine Ugg Australia brand boots. nAfter receiving the boots in the mail I found that they were not the true Ugg Australia brnad despite the fact that they are packaged similarly and contain an identical “Ugg authentication”” card embossed in gold ‘Ugg Australia’ lettering. Some of the stitching to the boots was also damaged and poorly sewn and so I followed the procedures on the website to return them and get my refund. nAfter following the return/refund procedures and emailing the company to let them know that I was returning the boots

I received an email response saying that my money would be refunded as soon as the boots were received. nThis email was received on October 20


and I have not heard from the company since (current date: November 16

2008) although the boots have been received by the company at this point. Follow up emails have not been responded to

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By Ronald

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