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On 11/17/14, I added a Capital One Visa credit card to my Uber account on their website so I could use their service to the Phila Airport with the new card number. I also had to enter my 3 digit security code on their website. I noticed a $0.0 charge on my card from Uber on 11/17/14, which I assume was just a test to make sure my card would work they process payment. I made no other charges with the card that day. On 11/18/14, I used Uber to go to the airport for an international flight and was correctly charged for the service. While at the airport, I received an email from Capital One Visa alerting me to suspicious activity. I could see online that my account had fraudulent charges for Lenovo (computer I assume) and at least one other charge for T-Mobile which I don’t have an account with. We had to cancel the card and try to get a replacement sent to Argentina which took almost a week. I called the driver and emailed Uber Support from the airport and told them the situation and all I got from Uber were silly questions “are you sure no one else in your family used the card?”” They never addressed that the fraudulent charges started IMMEDIATELY after I entered my credit card number and CCV code were entered and someone WITHIN the Uber organization is a thief!”

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