U.S. Federal Judge Susan Bolton, shame on you for defending illegal immigrants! San Francisco California


Complaint: Shack of shame on U.S. District Judge Susan Bolton for defending illegal immigrants in Arizona. She defended illegal immigrants to live and work in Arizona in a ruling July 28, 2010 as Arizona is the gate hole illegal immgrant crossings in this State. Arizona like California is going completely broke from all these illegal immigrants taking job away from Americans and businesses. We have US immigration system that is broken as the Federal refuses to enforce the law, so U.S. District Judge Susan Bolton defends the illegal immigrants to live here illegally. What is this women thinking? She has nothing to worry about being outsourced from someone taking here seat for cheaper labor and she has no understanding how businesses are suffering for the lack of the Federal Government not enforcing the immigration law. Everyday there is about 2000 illegal immigrants crossing the borders of California, it accounts to 680,000 an average per year coming into California. Arizona’s legislature tried to stop this problem by SB1080 but U.S. District Judge Susan Bolton blocked in on 4 important sections of the law. Now we have to continue to spend more tax dollars for illegal immigrants taking away our jobs, our free health care, our schools and businesses for cheap labor and for social benefits because of U.S. District Judge Susan Bolton. Shame on you U.S. District Judge Susan Bolton

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