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We flew to Cancun from SF on US Air through Phoenix. It was me, my wife, and our 10 month old who was going to be in our laps. First off We were unable to reserve any seats even tough there were plenty of premium seats available. I called them on the phone and pleaded to get those premium seats since we had a lap infant but no one would help us. When it was time for our web check in they still wouldn’t let us get seats. Here was their explanation. “You are traveling with a lap infant and will be assigned special seats at the airport””. Well here were our special seats. SFO to PHX 23D and E

the last row next to the toilet. The constant flushing woke our baby up several times. But this was nothing compared to what was to come. PHX to CUN 22D and 34F. When we got to the gate no other seats were avialable. We boarded and stated asking to switch seats. No one but a young college student was helpful. He switched and we were now 22D and 24A which was etter but still not great. So the plane is boaded and here comes the pilot on the PA. We will be at the gate for another hour because Cancun is congested and they are holding us here in PHX. We were well aware of this and asked the ground supervisor to hold boarding for an hour bu he refused. If it was up to us we would have boarded you an hour later but the ground supervisor owns the plane until the door closes and it wasn’t our call. Kudos to the pilot but shame on the ground crew. Our little on was already fussy and now started crying nonstop. I carried her around the plane and calmed he down a bit. As soon as I handed he back to my wife in 22D she started crying again. The only positive that came from this is that the lady in 22C who really wanted her aisle seat really didn’t want to sit next to a screaming baby. So she switched with me and we were now in 22C and D. Still we were accross the aisle and unable to let the baby lied down accross our laps. No one else offered to switch. An hour late we finally got on our way and of course the little one cried nonstop through the departure until I was able to carry her around the plane again. Cancun was phantastic but this was a flight from hell and we will never fly US Airways again. Thankfully we had booked our return on United and this was way better. To US Airways managment: Let travelers with small children (in or out of lap) get premium seats even if they are not premium members. Half the plane suffered because our little on was so unhappy. If our baby had been able to stretch out in our lap she would have slept more and cried less. And don’t boad the plane if you know it ‘ll be sitting on the ground for an hour. Our baby would have loved to crawl around or sleep in the gate area for an hour instead of being crammed into a totally full airplane.”

Phoenix, Arizona United States of America


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