Complaint: This so-called Christian Camp, which is all caucasion, hired counselors that physicaly raped boys in that camp. the executive staff looked the other way, and effidenty didn’t do thorough background checks on their hired summer couselors. These boys that were raped in Twin Pines Christian Camp, were also left alone when picked up by their parents. No adults were with them. they were crying hysterically, and lied to parents about it due to the raping couselors threats of killing them and their families. the state police have been avoiding, lying, covering up, passing this case around now for 3 years, the ADA, refuses to get involved, also giving family run around. Monroe County children and youth, refuses to return calls to parties involved and the Poconos, societies is keeping this out of the public. I am sounding the alarm. do not send your children to any camps in the Poconos, Pennsylvania. they could be raped, molested, assaulted and the law enforcement, courts, children and youth, media will not care. Protect your child and keep them away from this camp, and anywhere in the Poconos, Pennsylvania. Pass this information on. Identities of the families and victims must be kept confidential to protect the victims, our children from further harm. Pray people Pray, and away you should stay!!

Tags: Sex Offenders

Address: 3000 Twin Pine Road Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania United States of America


Phone: 570-620-0664

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By Ronald

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