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We had a terrible experience with The Twin Home Experts. We hired them to remodel our bathroom after the old plumbing needed to be replaced. The foreman was licensed as a plumber, not a general contractor, and we failed to recognize that in the contract. He was unable to execute our planned remodel. He wanted to run copper pipe up the front of our house where it would be visible as one approached the front door. His workers tarred the bathroom vent outlet on the roof making it another obvious eyesore. They didnu2019t seal the shower properly and had to redo that step. We finally stopped the job when they wanted to pull up the shower tile because they had laid it so unevenly. The foreman acknowledged the poor workmanship and they were willing to forgive the rest of the bill ($12,000) on the condition that we would never speak about our experience. We declined to sign this second contract and the owner, Jim Schalke, threatened to turn us in to collections. We foolishly paid the contract before consulting a lawyer. Then we hired someone else to finish the remodel. We paid more than twice the expected amount to remodel our bathroom because of (1) our failure to scrutinize the initial contract, (2) our failure to seek legal counsel prior to paying the bill, (3) the workersu2019 incompetence, and (4) the owneru2019s lack of integrity. As a result, our family was displaced from our home for weeks and it will take months or years for us to repay our debt.

7243 Woodley Ave Van Nuys, California USA



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By Ronald

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