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Zack Ab aka Aziz K is a dishonest manager who causes this company money due to his lack of professionalism. He is not running a good business and runs off clients because of personal issues that he has. He runs a company within Tuscan Floors called Majestic Homes and takes clients. I know about him and his issues and instead of dealing with them face on he hides behind his computer and blames his problems on others. This time it isn’t the other person who is contacting him yet he still runs and hides. I asked him do go on location for an estimate and NO REPLY, my investor called him many times and he hangs up or listens on the phone then hangs up only because he is running from his personal problems with someone else. Now he is posting updates on other sites doing damage control and all this is because of him and no one else.

8930 State Highway 121 #520 McKinney, Texas United States of America



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