Turkish Airlines Alabama Review


Just to make sure that everybody who uses this airline is aware off with whom she/he travels My company suggested this flight (class: business, delhi to vienna) as it was much cheaper then our usual carrier like emirates or quatar…I agreed on it..big mistake. The seats in business are crap, you cant even expand it such that a tall person can lie flat. entertainment is rubbish and the boarding procedure is also not in favor for business, as you are on- and offboarded with economy passengers (that means the same waiting times) . Istanbul airport (ok i knew it) was also crap, the only highlight is the lounge. To complete the picture of how Turkish airlines works, after 4 years of flying, i lost the first time my luggage. And even they bring it to your house, they only offer you a delivery window of 3h, means you have to wait for them). Conclusion: If you are a business traveler who is time constrained and sees flying only as a means to do the job. Hands off! The lower price does not justify the extra stress. I will advise my company not to book me on any TK flights anymore. For all others (holiday travelers with tight buget). yes, you can, but be aware, that in case of any issues, your trip will become an adventure, which you are maybe not willing to take…

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