TS Elimination – Timeshare Escape Sham

We hired this company to get out of a timeshare that conned us into a ten-year contract. They had big promises for us and a large deposit requirement. To start, we were in the dark about the whole process. After our first meeting with them, they did not contact us for 2 months. I emailed them dozens of times only to get an automated response.When they finally contacted me, they told me that everything was going to be taken care of after much “negotiation.” All I had to do was sign a few documents. We did as we were asked, expecting that we could trust these people. They are not even real lawyers.A couple weeks later, we got a notice from the timeshare company saying that we were expected to make a payment or we would be suffering major consequences. TS Elimination did nothing for us. We far more in debt than we could have imagined given the fees they have made us pay. The consultation wasn’t even free, for your information!

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