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Check out Erica Pratt !!! a Seven year old black girl who escaped from a basement after being bound by duct tape on her hands, feet and mouth. She chewed through the duct tape to return home safely in hours. At 7 she found her way home. In stark Contrast Elizabeth Smart, fourteen was held at knife point for ten minutes but hung out for months . She was in public waring wigs and costumes to hide her identity. ????? Jaycee, 11 was “held” eighteen years . I have to blame the victim, Face it, perverts exist and always will. In eighteen years she could not figure out how to leave? She had to know the guy was not her mother or father. How dumb is she? Children run away at nine, ten, eleven years old from good and bad homes. Her actions would be understandable if she were six, seven or eight years old. This idiot didn’t know her own address, phone number or location of the front door? She had no chance to climb over a wall, sneak out or tell anyone? From what I’ve read She had many chances but decided to stay. She stated “I HATED EVERY SECOND” . Not possible. She accepted them as her new family and made no attempt to leave. Lol, The boys do it too…Steven Stayner (google it) abducted at seven, held” until fourteen. At seven, I would not blame an abduction victim for not being able to navigate an escape but the fact is, he was not chained to a bed. He was enrolled in a public school and had every opportunity to tell someone. Why am I skeptical? Stevens captor abducted a NEW little boy to rape. Its just strange that as soon as Steven became sexually unattractive to his captor he suddenly knew how to go to the police and organize an escape for himself and the younger boy. How can you remember more information seven years later. He always knew how to get help but decided not to. None of these idiots have stockholm syndrome. Its something much worst. Elizabeth, Jaycee and Steven conveniently forgot their families and would have lived with and raised families with perverts forever. I know who I have more resect for.

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