TRS Financing with Rooms to GO Augusta Georgia Review


TRS, is wayyyy pass a ripoff! I recently purchased a livingroom set from Room To Go in Augusta GA. A sofa, loveseat, 2 end tables, center table, and 2 lamps. Well, the total came to a little over $1150.00. I could not afford to pay for it in cash at that time, however, would have came out better paying it that way. I was introduced to a TRS rep, by the sales associate, after realizing I didn’t get approved for the RTG credit card. When I spoke with the TRS rep, he came up with some figures and told me I would have put about $350.00 down and pay about $205.00 a month with agreement of approximately 2 years. At first, I was sort of shocked in regards to the down payment because I have never had to pay that much down on furniture whose stores have REAL IN HOUSE FINANCING! Anyway, after further being explained about the program, I became even more shocked that about 98% of the monthly payments would be going towards leasing fees and taxes (that is AFTER I starting asking questions in regards to the monthly payments…such as where the $205.00 will be going). I was told by him about $20-25 would go toward the ACTUAL furniture. Mmm…let’s see…after a 2 year period…that’s about $5000!! Anyway, I decided to go ahead with the contract (it was actually split into 3 contracts) and get the furniture…because of what I was explained, I could pay off a piece anytime I wanted and would only have to pay the payoff balance for that piece with sales tax, if the piece was over my monthly payment. And besides, I really wanted the livingroom set as it was on sale…so I paid the down payment. A couple of weeks later, 5 days before my due date, I called to verify the payment process and to get the total payment amount for the piece/contract I was going to pay off (the loveseat). I was told the same thing, by a female manager, to pay the payoff balance for that piece with the sales tax…that came to a total of $405.80. Came in and paid that amount…no problems. Ok, couple weeks later, I called to inform them that I may not be able to have the whole amount to pay off another piece/contract (the 2 end tables, center table, and 2 lamps), therefore, I wanted to see how much I would have to pay for just the tables vs. the whole contract. I was then told by a different female, if I pay off this contract, I would have to pay the payoff balance, sales tax, and the lease fee for the other contract (which was the sofa). I was outraged!! She told me that is the way she understood it. I told her that is not what I was told…I was told I would only have to pay the payoff balance and sales tax, which should have came to the previous amount of $405.80. Spoke with the same female manager and she confirmed I would only have to pay the $405.80, if I paid off this particular contract. However, if I only wanted to pay a separate piece off of the contract, I would have to pay the payoff balance for that item, sales taxes, and lease fees on other items not being paid off…which was about $350.00. So I decided from that point, it would be better for me to just pay off that contract. Well, low and behold, I get there the day before my monthly payment is due and is told I have to pay the payoff balance for the contract, sales tax, and about $75.00 (lease fee) for the sofa I was not going to pay off. I was only expecting to pay the $405.80…and now I get slapped in the face with an extra $75.00 charge! The funny thing is, all three reps were in the TRS center. The guy and female manager tried explaining it to me, however, I decided to pay the whole thing off, which was a little over $850.00. No sense in arguing over something that is not going to change. And it’s sooo funny how the female manager is changing things up, when she was the one who ensured me I needed to pay $405.80!! What I did not understand is why I NOW have to pay the lease charge for the item not being paid off when I didn’t have to pay this the first time. When I paid the loveseat (contract 1) off, I didn’t have to pay lease fees on the sofa (contract 2) and tables/lamps (contract 3). It’s really confusing to understand something when you have different people telling you different things. And it’s very sad that rooms to go have an “In House financing company”” like this ripping people off left and right…when all this company is…is a LEASE RIP OFF…rent to own my a**!!! This is a real disgrace for hardworking people who can’t afford to pay for furniture in cash or have great credit or can’t get credit card approval. Not everyone is that lucky…however

that doesn’t mean we are not good


hardworking people who believes in paying our bills. I am sooo disappointed in Rooms to Go…they have some of the best furniture I have seen in the Augusta area


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