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Complaint: This is the worst nightmare of a restaurant, with the craziest most abusive maniac type peopel working there dangerous aggressive and violent employees…this place has the utmost craziest sickest people working there- abusive harassing customers on a regular basis and now almost violently throwing food/change in their cars and slamming the doors shut on them … I called the police to file a report for the way I recently got treated at this horror of a restaurant….have filed numerous reports on abuse, ill treatment etc… I went to pollo tropical tonight to order a chicken value meal. The psycho criminal (in my opinion) working at the window, his name is ‘gerele” claimed they had no chicken and he would make some. I drove back and he proceeded to make chicken and then asked for my money. I handed him money and he was giving change back. I asked if he could put the change in a bag and put it with teh food. He then handed me the bag and I asked him if he could put it with the food. He flipped out and began yelling at me “”WHY YOU COME EVERY NIGHT U COMPLAIN JSUT TAKE THE MONEY””!! and angrily almost violently threw the bag aggressively into my car and at me– this to me is beyond dangerous and a psychopath lke that needs to be fired

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Address: and I would love to press charges against someone so sick…I callde the police who claiemd nothing could be done and that he should just be reported to corporate….it took him a while then to get the ‘chicken’ which I would never eat at this point… on top of that…he did not give me the full order and did not include the rice and beans- that is theft/stealing or whatever you want to call it

Website: but they are also throwing food and money at them almost in a violent disgusting manner and allowed to get away with it…it was almost closing time and I could not go inside or even get to anyone as this sicko slammed the window shut after yelling at me…I feel it was unfortunate that employees are allowed to do this to customers

Phone: he also took the bag of food and then threw it aggressively into my car slammed the door and as he was slamming his window shut yelled “”MY NAME IS GERELE YOU CAN CALL CORPORATE ON ME””!! and called me a “”b***h.”” All this happened under the situation that I just asked him politely to put the money in a bag because I have a health condition and can’t hold my arm out that far…this loser is a total psychopath his behavior to me was criminal and he needs to be fired from that place….evidently knew I had called ‘corporate’ on him and his fellow nutjob co-workers for harassing me in the past

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