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Complaint: This complaint is written, because we were mislead and lied too!!The following is a list of events and reasons for my complaint. 1. The first thing I’m complaining about is the fact that the solar panel and attic fan were installed when no one was home! (I told the sales rep we were going away for the weekend and I would call him when we got back, that statement was totally ignored!!)2. My husband and I were very surprised when we returned home from being away for the week-end to find that the Solar panel was installed on the roof. We thought we had the weekend to think about having the work done, as we didn’t want to rush into such a major purchase. We knew that in the state of Florida, we had 3 days to back out if we didn’t want to proceed. I’m sure that is why the sales rep went ahead and scheduled my installation, disregarding the fact that I said I would call him when my husband and I returned. Permission was never given for the installation.3. I asked for a “breakdown”” of each item

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Address: which I never received.4. We were told by the sales rep we would save about $140.00 a month on our electric bill based on what our monthly bill was. He also told us the pool pump alone should save us 80% of the cost of running the pool.The most we have saved on our electric bill was 62.00 for 1 month

Website: “”give it another month””. In the meantime he would send someone out to check on the equipment installed. A tech came out on October 5th with the owner of American Solar

Phone: nowhere near what we were told by the rep. I called our sales rep in September and told him we weren’t even saving $100.00

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