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I had hail damage in June 2018 and contacted Trophy Roofing to replace my roof in approximately 8/2018. | Everything began to be negative when the first check was to be paid and my insurance company had not forwarded it to me yet, the insurance company has their schedule, and were evidently slower than the owner, Garrett wanted them to be. | There had to be additional paperwork filed with my insurance company for an additional payment. The same thing occurred, and Garrett seemed very impatient and began calling my insurance company, almost daily, wanting to know when the check was going to be issued. | I received 2 calls from my insurance company, complaining they explained to Garrett that they had a schedule and it was in process. Garrett had not even submitted one form they needed to process. I called Garrett and told him about the additional paper work. I asked that he “PLEASE” not continue calling my insurance company on a daily basis, as it was an embarrassment to me, to which he said “ I have every right to call your insurance company about the payments, as it is MY MONEY!” He said that he approximately $200K in unpaid invoices so he “would continue calling my insurance company if he felt like it. | Other issues: I had 5 new turbines installed. 4 of them installed by Trophy Roofing were aluminum & 1 brown metal. I called Garrett who came out to inspect & he asked me if I couldn’t “just leave them as they were!” I was dumbfounded that he would as that and told him “No, my roof is brown and 4 silvers and one brown turbine was not acceptable!” I requested the brown to be left, and the others redone, but Garrett said “No, the brown would be replaced, that I didn’t want it, because it would not last as long as the silver ones, and that he would paint the silver ones brown.” The brown was metal and I preferred to have it left, but I knew he was cutting his costs and I wanted Trophy Roofing over with, so let it go to expedite their exit. | In 02/2019 I was told by a Roofing Examiner that the back of the newly “painted” Turbines, were left unpainted and all of them only had one coat of paint. No care was taken when the turbines were painted and the roof was also painted around the base of the turbines. | I walked my yard; the crew smoked nonstop & cigarette ends were everywhere, which I had to pick up. There was trash in my bushes/flowers which I called Garrett but I ended up picking up all the cigarette ends and the rest of the trash that was left. | Then I had a contractor come to do some insulation. After he inspected my attic, he said…”The roofers sure used your attic for their trash!” I had no idea they actually had access to my attic, but the contractor explained it, shingle pieces, trash and nails/staples were thrown through the top of the roof. I wondered why pieces of shingles fell down on my head when I pulled the attic opening down for the contractor. | Then my roof rippled. I called Garrett, he came out, inspected the attic, told me he “saw no issues and he would send his crew out to fix it.” Later, he advised me to get a Structural Engineer report before he would repair the ripple, which I did, and forwarded to him the foundation diagram where it stated clearly, “there are no foundation issues.” Garrett later reneged on his word as he evidently found out the warranty cost would be $1800.00 according to Garrett himself, so he began saying I had foundation repairs AFTER the Trophy Roofing roof was installed and that he “could easily PROVE IT in COURT!” (?) I have NEVER had any foundation work done on my home and I moved in 02/2016! | The Structural Engineer said he was not a roofer, but did know that when a new roof is put on a house that has an addition added to it, there are certain actions that needed to be done to prepare the roof before adding it. Thirty minutes after the Structural Engineer left, another roofer stopped by because he had seen the ripple. I told him it was a new roof, and asked him if there was any special treatments to be done before adding the new roof to an addition add-on and he said “Yes.” He also said the only way to really tell what is wrong, is to remove the shingles and inspect the job if the foundation is OK. The roof Trophy Roofing removed had been installed in 2011 due to hail. The addition was added in the late 90’s and there were no issues with the 2011 roof; no ripples. | I forwarded to Garrett the Structural Engineers foundation drawing that stated the foundation was fine and no foundation work was necessary. Garrett would not accept this and told me he would have his own Structural Engineer come out and do his own report and that if the roof was caused by a foundation issue according to his Structural Eng. that I would pay for the report plus the repair. He then went on to report, that if I hire another roofing company to repair the roof, that his warranty would be null and void. Seems to me, it already was. | In 02/2019, I forwarded to Garrett and Trophy Roofing a Certified Letter requesting that he repair these issues. The Certified Letter was returned to me after several attempts and notices were left by the Post Office for the letter to be picked up. | In my opinion, this is not a professional way to be in business or way to treat your customers!


  • Name: Trophy Roofing
  • Country: United States
  • State: Texas
  • City: Melissa and McKinney
  • Address: 365 Basswood Ln
  • Phone: 972-439-1145
  • Website:

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