Troncase Review: is a Tron-Based Crypto Scam


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Troncase is claiming to be a well-established Tron-based crypto platform. The website of the company,, states that the company has fair and transparent working procedures to provide massive profits to the users. There are many other different aspects of this platform that should be reviewed in detail to determine whether it is a good investment opportunity.

In this article, you will get complete information about Troncase and its various features. As a result, you will be able to make a smart choice about investing in it.

Background of Troncase

Troncase does not provide any clear information about the team behind the company or the owner of the platform. It is trying to present itself as a well-established platform in the crypto industry. However, it is a new platform.

The domain registration of shows that it was registered in September 2020. The company also has an official YouTube channel on which someone can be seen using a phone with the Estonian language. This points to the fact that the company might be running from Estonia.

Owners of Troncase

There is no official information about the owners of Troncase. However, further research shows that a serial scammer, Ryan Conley, is promoting the company on different platforms.

Moreover, it is also possible that two other people, Karus and Norm, are the main two people behind The social media profiles of Karus show that he has been involved in the MLM industry for almost a decade now. He has been a part of many other Ponzi schemes like Crowd1 and Lyoness.

Similarly, the other admin, Erik Norm, has been a part of the Nano Club Ponzi scheme. It simply means that the team behind Troncase is not a trustworthy and reliable team. Instead, they have been involved in a number of Ponzi schemes that have scammed a large number of people all over the world.

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Domain Insights

The analysis of by Alexa shows that the USA (40%), Pakistan (9%), and Russia (7%) are contributing the highest amount of traffic to the website. It is quite surprising to see that the origin country of the company is nowhere on this list.

Whatever might be the reason behind these statistics, it is quite evident that Troncase is targeting the markets in which people are likely to register as affiliates and invite their friends and families as well.

Registration Process of Troncase

In order to become an affiliate member of, you will have to invest at least 100 TRX in the company. The website also states that once an affiliate gets 300% profits from the company, the member will have to reinvest the amount to keep earning from the platform.

However, you should remember that there is no proof that the company is actually capable of providing such kind of significant profits. It is highly possible that Troncase is only claiming to provide up to 300% profits so that it can receive investment from the affiliates in the first place.

Income Structure of Troncase

Every member has to invest 100 TRX or more to become a part of The website claims that you will be getting a 300% return on investment. Moreover, the income structure of the company claims that these profits are distributed at the rate of 1% per day.

If an affiliate does not make any withdrawal, a further bonus of 0.1% will also be added to the wallet. The company is promising a maximum bonus of 0.5% over the period of five days to affiliates who do not take out their money.

It is quite disappointing to see that the company does not provide any reliable information about the withdrawal system. Hence, it is not clear that whether you will be able to withdraw your funds.

This kind of business model is not sustainable. Troncase will eventually collapse due to lack of recruitment. Therefore, it is a Ponzi scheme that is relying on the investment of the affiliates. You should not invest any money in this platform. A good alternative to such crypto Ponzi schemes is using the crypto trading bots to earn profits via genuine crypto trading techniques.


Troncase is offering a variety of other bonuses and commissions like the referral commission and recruitment commission to attract more users. provides the following breakdown of extra bonuses that you can generate from the company:

  • Members will get an extra bonus of 0.1% for every 50,000 investors on the platform.
  • Affiliates will get an extra bonus of 0.1% for every 20,000,000 TRX in terms of the referral commissions.
  • Members will get an extra bonus of 0.2% for every 80,000,000 TRX in the entire company’s resources.

Features of Troncase

Troncase is claiming to have a number of features that can attract more people and make them invest in the company. These features are:

Fair and Transparency is claiming to be a fully fair and transparent company that can provide massive profits to the users. However, the business model of the company makes it clear that you cannot fully trust the company. The company is heavily relying on affiliate memberships. It is not a sustainable business model.

Moreover, the company is lying about being a well-established platform. It is a new platform that is trying to get as much investment as possible before its eventual collapse.

Decentralized Network

Troncase is claiming to be operating on a fully decentralized network. A large number of crypto Ponzi schemes make this claim seem like a genuine platform. However, it is highly unlikely that a company like has access to a modern and automatic crypto mining system. It is highly possible that the affiliate funds are the only source of income for this company.



Another feature of the Troncase is that it is a safe and secure platform, so you can fully trust it with your investment. However, it should be made clear that fully securing the crypto trading and mining systems is a highly complicated procedure. It is not clear that whether has enough resources to provide safe and secure services. 


The various features and functionalities of Troncase make it clear that this company is not a suitable investment opportunity. First of all, you should remember the fact that people behind this company are serial scammers. is trying its best to hide the name of the team members of the company. Yet, external sources point to the fact that serial scammers are running this company.

Moreover, if you look at the business model of Troncase, you will realize that there is nothing new in it. It is similar to any other crypto Ponzi scheme that wants to get investment from the users before their imminent collapse. The company is claiming to provide you with massive profits of up to 300%. 

However, there is no proof of the fact that Troncase is actually capable of providing such profits. The fact that the company is using referral and recruitment commissions to attract more users also shows that is a Ponzi scheme. 

Therefore, you cannot expect to make any meaningful profits from a Ponzi scheme like Troncase. Instead of wasting your money on these schemes, you should focus on using genuine crypto trading bots that provide reliable and efficient services. Both beginners and experts can use these bots for crypto trading and earning a large number of profits. 

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