Tron3X Review: is a Smart-Contract Ponzi Scheme


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There is a very large number of tron-based cryptocurrencies operating in the market. Tron3X is another one of these companies that is promising a lot of profits to the users through its smart-contract technology. presents the company as a trustworthy and reliable platform.

However, there are several aspects of the company that makes it a highly suspicious platform. Therefore, it is important to review this platform in detail to ensure you are not investing in a Ponzi scheme.

What is Tron3X?

First of all, it is important to note that the entire business model of Tron3X is designed very poorly. It seems that the company has not tried much to hide the fact that it is a scam company. does not provide any official information about the owner of the company or the team behind it. It shows that the company is trying to conceal some very important information about the platform.

However, the YouTube channel of Tron3X had a marketing video in which a person named “Michael” was promoting the company. All of the videos were removed from the company’s YouTube channel within a few months. These videos did not seem genuine in the first place. It is highly possible that actors were posing as the company’s team to make Tron3X look like a trustworthy platform.

Domain Insights

Tron3X is a new platform. The registration of clearly shows that the domain was registered in October 2020. It contradicts the company’s claims of being a well-established platform.

Moreover, the analysis of through Alexa shows that that Colombia, Venezuela, and Kazakhstan are contributing the highest amount of traffic to the website. It shows that there is a very high chance that the company is operating from one of these three countries.

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The website does not provide any official address of the company. Therefore, it would not be wrong to say that Tron3X is a highly suspicious platform that is hiding essential information.

Registration of Tron3X

Anyone can register for the initial affiliate membership of for free. However, if you want to participate in the earning opportunities of the company, you will have to make an investment of at least 100 TRX.

This shows that the company is asking for a significant amount of money before it provides any meaningful opportunities to the users. However, there is no guarantee that you will actually be able to recover this investment at a later stage.

Business Model of Tron3X

As expected from a company like Tron3X, there are no products or major services. Instead, the company is relying on investment from the affiliates to survive. Despite the company’s claims of being a crypto mining platform, there is no evidence that can validate such claims.

Income Structure of Tron3X

Users can participate in the income structure of Tron3X only after they invest at least 100 TRX in the company. In exchange, promises 2% daily ROI for the period of 150 days.

There are two main types of commissions and bonuses in the company: referral commissions and the Daily Pool. has put a strict limit on the maximum amount of profits an affiliate can earn from the company. Once a high amount of 300% return is collected in the pool, the affiliates will have to reinvest in the company to keep generating more profits.

On further investment, the following conditions are applicable:

  • When the user is reinvesting for the first time, the amount of reinvestment must be between 1000 to 100,000 TRX.
  • For the second time, the user must reinvest an amount of anywhere between the first reinvestment and 300,000 TRX.
  • The amount of the third reinvestment should be between the second reinvestment amount and 900,000 TRX.

This kind of business model shows that Tron3X expects its users to keep investing in the company again and again. Moreover, you should note the fact that at every time of reinvestment, Tron3X wants more money. Hence, even if you earn any kind of profits from this platform, most of it will be going back to the company.

Therefore, Tron3X is not a suitable investment as you will not be making any significant profits from it. You should avoid spending any money on this company. Instead, you should learn and use crypto trading bots. These trading bots provide reliable and efficient trading procedures to help you generate a significant amount of profits. 

Referral Commissions

Tron3X heavily focuses on referral commissions, which is another indication of the fact that is a Ponzi scheme. The company is trying to entice people to invest in the company by promising significant profits, especially in the form of referral commissions. 

There is nothing new in the way the company is promising referral commission. A traditional uni-level structure is being used to distribute the commissions. The affiliates will have to continually work to hire more and more people. states that there is a total of 15 levels in the income structure. 

The breakdown of the income possible on these levels is as follows:

  • Members of level 1 can earn 30% referral commissions by personally recruiting new affiliates. 
  • Members from level 2 to level 5 can earn 10% referral commissions. 
  • Affiliates from level 6 to level 10 can earn 8% referral commissions.
  • Affiliates from level 11 to level 15 can earn 5% referral commissions.


Similarly, another part of the business which Tron3X is promoting on different platforms is the daily top referrer pool. The company states that 3% of the entire investment is put in a Daily Top Referrer Pool. The top 4 recruiters of will be getting these profits. 

However, it is not clear that whether the company actually distributes these profits or not. It is highly possible that the Tron3X is only using these commissions as marketing tactics without having any plan to give them. 


Tron3X is marketing itself as a highly successful and profitable company that can provide you with complete financial freedom. It tries to convince the users that it is a legitimate platform. 

However, if you look at the business model of like discussed in this article, you will realize that it is a very simple Ponzi scheme. The company is expecting people to keep investing in the company again and again, without providing any guarantee of profits. 

The company will keep running as long as affiliates are investing in it. However, there is a very high chance that it will collapse soon due to lack of recruitment. As a result, the affiliates will end up losing their money. 

The income structure shows that the company has put very strict reinvestment policies in place. As a result, you will never be able to actually exit the company. Instead, the affiliates will get trapped in an endless cycle of reinvestment. 

You should consider the fact that Tron3X is not transparent about its origin. The website does not mention the name of the people running the company. Furthermore, the suspicious business model also points to the fact that Tron3X is going to shut down as soon as it has collected a large amount of money by scamming people. 

The bottom line is that Tron3X is not a suitable investment opportunity. It is a crypto Ponzi scheme that has nothing to do with genuine crypto trading and mining platforms. You should always use the trustable crypto trading bots that will help you in generating a large number of profits through legal, efficient, and quick services.

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