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I originally placed my order with Flex-able Hose on 12/18/2012. This WAS supposed to be a Christmas gift for my wife. I had received a notice from them, telling me they have had an overwhelming response to their product and to be patient. After 6 weeks more of waiting, I contacted them via their Customer Service phone number at (937) 287-5160. The CS Rep told me that my order was “in the que”” and scheduled to be shipped on the 16Th of January. I never recieved either the product OR any other form of communication from them regarding my order. I tried calling their CS phone again and now

I get a message from the telephone company that their number is no longer in service! WTF! So now I sit here

not knowing what to expect

fully knowing that this company HAS MY CREDIT CARD INFORMATION…..this is NOT a good feeling

trust me. So where do I go from here? Good question. I guess only “”The Shadow”” knows.”

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By Ronald

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