Trisha Jo-ann Robinson/heauser – Pure evil Wisconsin


Wives and girlfriend’s beware, oh yeah, and any unsuspecting males as well. This woman has been known to frequent local bars, campgrounds, and wherever else you can find attention, throwing herself on married men, taken men, and just about any man she can fool into giving her the time of day,or night for that matter. Just getting out of the 15-year marriage, which she cheated on her husband, Dale, the whole time. she found another victim, for the last year she was married, and two years after that, again, somebody she cheated on the whole time. And when she was done with him; she used the system as her tool to ruin that person’s life, just like she did her ex-husband’s, if not worse. While she was married, she would regularly, supposedly go to trips to random places like Laughlin Arizona “with her mom” and unashamedly perform unprotected sexual acts with random men, and has been known to fellate whoever while letting herself be filmed. a true narcissist and every sense of the form. Prudence would suggest to have caution with this woman regardless of your gender or intention.

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By Ronald

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