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I got a nice text from my live in boyfriend Ken last weekend while he was at work that he wanted to hang out with the guys for the buckeye game. He wanted to go to Dan’s house whom he hasn’t spoke about in over a year. He asked if this was ok and as soon as I started questioning he got all defensive. There were numerous red flags up for this situation. We have an eight month old daughter so therefore he is giving up spending anytime with her to go hang out with guys from work that he has had nothing positive to say about in months. || So I decided to check the phone bill. There was a certain number that stuck out. Over 70 calls back and forth between the two of them. This isnt normal for him because he is more of a texter and not a talker. I check previous months and the same number is appearing. I ran the phone number on an application I found and found her name”Trish Shriver”. So what does everyone do after they find someone’s name out? They go look them up on facebook. Sure enough I found one with a mutual friend and boy was she one white trash looking broad. I sent her a message asking if it was her number. She responded and said it was her”old” number. I also sent a text to the number pretending to be Ken like I got a new number she responded to that acting like she didn’t know me at first then she changed her story and fessed up about it. She went on and on how she knew him and they were together the prior weekend and how she wanted to forget him because he was a piece of shit. Thats when I told her who I really was she then got all salty because he had a girlfriend and she didn’t know so she started texting him all mad about it. She went all crazy. || Needless to say I found out they have been having some sort of secret friendship behind my back for over a year and he thinks it is ok because they weren’t f**king. Ummm no its not ok. She told me they were but then sent him all these messages how she was making all kinds of shit up to me so she can ruin his little family. I don’t care what they did. They had this secret relationship going on and talked every day for a year and kept it hidden.

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By Ronald

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