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I made a reservation with this internet site. It was a mistake. I needed to change the reservation 45 minutes later. The 3rd tier person, named Jerry, was beyond rude and threatening. He decided he would not return the entire amount of my 3 day stay made through them. He yelled, screeched, almost, and hung up on me. I then called the hotel found that the had made the reservation and then very quickly after my phone call had canceled it. I then made my own reservation with the hotel. I called my Visa. They have taken the charge off my card. TripRes has 20 days to reply and dispute my dispute. I also found tripres’ address in Vegas, and wrote them a letter describing the treatment of their personnel. When I get to Vegas, I plan to pay the office a visit. Jerry the 3rd tier TripRes phone person also accused me of fraud. I have at 70 years of age, never encountered such blatant unprofessional action.

6145 Spring Mountain Road las vegas, Nevada United States of America

800) 255-0372

Las Vegas, NV 89146


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By Ronald

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