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At Trio East at the Avenues – Bought $200 purse. Bag handles stitching torn off after using only 2 times. Since it is defective piece, i asked for refund. They did not refund, didn’t let me exchange. Refused to give owner/managers name and phone number to contact. I asked why i cannot exchange despite they have exchange policy. They said they will only exchange with in 7 or 30 days. I asked to show they written policy stating that. They said they have their own policy. They dont need to show their policy. Don’t have anything in written. Extremely irresponsible, rude. They made me come to store atleast 4 times saying i can only exchange only when manager is there. Employee in the store should be able to take care of all activities a manger should. Otherwise they should consult each other and make a decision. But not tell customer to come back several times. Went to Avenues mall office, they gave owner information. Owner was even rude. She yelled very loud. Restated they have their own exchange policy. They don’t have to show me written policy on exchange. If merchant cannot show written return exchange policy, why are these businesses allowed by business bureau? All they offered was they will restitch. But how is a bag worth of $200 stitches torn just after using 2 times? If they restitch, what is the guarantee that stitch will stay more than 2 uses? This bag is simply worth $20. They are selling for unusually high amount and ripping off customers. Someone should provide justice for the high amount i paid. This ripoff should stop. They never responded to BBB complaint. BBB closed complaint because they never responded. I expected BBB to stop unfair business practices. But unfortunately it did not happen. Unfair business owners are still let they business run as it is.

10300 SOUTHSIDE BLVD, JACKSONVILLE, FL 32256-0798 Jacksonville, Florida USA

(904) 519-7717

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