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Complaint: I’ve read a few complaints against the Georgia Department of Labor and the way they handle their appeals process in claiming benifits. Some were helpful and others seemed childish but overall the problems seemed consistent to the problems I’m having. I work in a utility field were slow times come around the end of the fiscal year and I was laid off. I had a few health issues and needed a quick out patient surgery but waited. I was given a call that myself and several others of my crew that I supervised were to be laid off. I wanted to schedule my surgery for this time for it was a perfect break. Four of my crew members filed for unemployment benifits filed immediately but I decided to wait to confirm that I would not be called back. After confirming this with my director I scheduled my surgery and proceeded to file for unemployment benifits. I was instantly denied! The decision was based on my employers response stating that I asked for a leave of abscence 35 days after I was layed off and my employees recieved their benifits. I filed for an appeals and forwarded all evidence to the review board via mail like instructed. On the day of the appeals hearing the appeals officer claimed that they never recieved any evidence (ie: surgery dates, documents and even a recorded phone conversation on voicemail from supervisor stating my lay off date). Thinking quickly I asked if I could fax yet another copy of documents to her within minutes to help in my case. She denied me the right. I then began quoting the rules and regulations outlined in the paperwork sent to me by the department of labor and was quickly interupted and told, ” it is at my descretion to use any evidence for this hearing””. Surprised I heard my employer laugh and at that point only did the officer begin record the proceedings. The employer gave their side

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Phone: and when asked my side I was again interupted and told that my evidence was not relevant. I then asked if I could call my witnesses. One of the witnesses being my immediate supervisor did not answer and ironically the employer rep in the hearing blurted out

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