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Renee Seibert (formely Renee Molda) and Steven Seibert, both formerly mortgage brokers of Countrywide (the company that cheated millions into deceptive mortgages and made people lose their homes), are a scamming artist couple who not only scam people but also go into people’s homes to steal their possessions and sell them on ebay. Their ebay store link is I am the victim of their scamming setups. They advertised on craigslist that they sell things for people on ebay. After a round of phone call, I was sweet-talked into cosigning them my grandmother’s china. I should have known better because they seemed overly enthusiastic about taking those value china pieces into their car, and assured me that they would pay me after the sale. Two months later, I could not find them, and I lost my grandmother’s china, and no payment has been made to me. I have alerted the police and those two scammers should be put in jail for good.

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