I purchased weight reduction pads and actually asked the telemarketer when the 30 day guarantee started and she informed me it would start when I received the product.nI received the product August 08, 2002 and with no results returned 09/04/03 after receiving ok from person at co. I called 09/10/03 and the person answering the phone said it had been received. nAfter numerous requests over the next 2 months I got no satisfaction and I reported the problem to the BBB. They took my info and passed it along to co. which replied I hadn’t returned item within 38 days which is their policy but as u can see it had been returned, and verified by them in 33 days. nSo they owe me $200 and seems it’s a lost cause unless this report helps. nMerrillnEUGENE, OregonU.S.A.

400 W. 5050 N. PROVO, Utah U.S.A.


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