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In May of 2011, I sensed that something was amiss in my 20+ year marriage. We were getting ready to take our kids to Hawaii for vacation when my then husband, told me he was leaving me when we returned from vacation and that the vacation was his parting gift to me. He did in fact move out late July 2011. || On August 15, 2011, he was fired from his 17+ year job and admitted his affair with his coworker who was also married. She was subsequently fired. My ex husband was charged with and convicted of theft after embezzling almost 10,000. He emptied our retirement account but failed to pay taxes which I am still paying. He took work in California and insisted I had to go as he refused. I went, hoping to fix our marriage and we lived together for awhile but unbeknownst to me, she lived there and that was the plan all along. Not long after I got divorce papers in the mail. This woman has helped destroy two long term marriages, devastated me and my kids, tried to send me to jail over a social media post and all because my ex husband Travis Bohon was a weak, spineless, easily led astray cheating jerk!! || Now our youngest child has begged his dad to give her up and be his dad but alas, his father refused. He has destroyed my world and crushed my heart over and over again.

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By Ronald

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